Carla Garrett started Education and Business Resources (EBR) over 20 years ago. Using her education (she taught high school government/economics for 10 years) and legal background (she practiced law for six years), she writes and produces hands-on, classroom simulations and other state standards-compliant curriculum materials for teachers.

In addition to running Education and Business Resources (EBR), Ms. Garrett is president of and runs an education nonprofit,  Center for Economic and Civic Education (CESQD).

Ms. Garrett has written social science lessons for a diverse set of clients including Apple Computers, EMC Publishing and the San Joaquin County Office of Education. She has worked with school districts in California training teachers to use classroom-based simulations, including (The Econogame®). She is the author of the simulations list here as well as the creator and project director for the CESQD’s annual high school Moot Court Competition.